The Energy to Move

The Energy to Move

Hey there Blakestar Nation,

Allow me to introduce myself as the Blakestar LA Blogger, here to bring you a West Coast perspective on all the core values of your favorite energy drink. Today I wanna talk about working hard, specifically for your friends.

I recently started a new chapter in my life and found myself in the uncomfortable position of asking friends, specifically new friends, for help. I was moving apartments, and although I could do most of it alone, I knew I couldn’t do everything. And let me add that I am not the type of person to ask for help unless absolutely necessary.

I’ve always believed the true crucibles of friendship are the tasks you know are arduous for everyone involved. We’ve all at one point or another been asked, or in rare cases volunteered (bless you, whoever you are), to make a trip to the airport for a friend. If any of you readers live in more metropolitan areas, I’m sure you can sympathize with the soul-sucking chaos of Arrival and Departure traffic. And while airport trips can be taxing, speaking from several experiences with LAX in one of the most congested cities in the world, there’s nothing that proves a good friend is a great one like moving and assembling furniture.

Asking friends to carve out a few hours of their day, their precious weekend hours, felt like I was delivering court summons. I cashed in on favors and past debts for a sweaty, back-breaking, logistical nightmare. California heat is a dry heat, and the clear skies and beating sun, away from the pleasant breeze of the coast, transformed my apartment rooms into connected ovens. Fans were brought in, window AC units cranked to high, and blinds drawn to mitigate the heat. Water is poured, but it’s not enough. Because moving things in is only half the battle. We needed energy to keep going, to dive deeper into this heart of darkness that centered around allen wrenches and Swedish furniture instruction manuals.

Yes, this is in fact where Blakestar comes in (after unpacking enough cups for everyone to drink). You would have thought I was offering my friends sweet ambrosia from Mount Olympus. With a sample of ten flavors, everyone tried a bit of each until they settled on one they didn’t want to share (Pink Lemonade is my personal favorite at the moment). They saw the job through to the end, and now, thanks to their help I have an apartment that’s starting to look like a home.

So, when the moment inevitably comes for me to return the favor, I’ll be sure to come prepared and pick up some Blakestar Energy Drink.

Until next time,

Blakestar LA Blogger