Fun Drinking Games for Your Next Party

Fun Drinking Games for Your Next Party

Let’s face it, a party isn’t a party without booze, and big parties are the best, because everyone usually brings something, so you’re left with a few interesting choices. But what’s the point of just drinking if you’re not going to have at least one drinking game? People have been playing drinking games for centuries, so it’s pretty much an unwritten rule. Fun games equals a great party. Here are four fun drinking game ideas for your next party:






1. Beer Pong.

Okay, okay, so we all know this one; you have ten cups half-full of beer, and then your and your team member have to try to bounce a sticky ping pong ball into the opposite player’s cup. If you get a ball into one of your opponents’ cups, they have to drink it, and vice versa. Everyone who’s partied knows about this game. But, it wouldn’t be a list without it, so try to spice it up a little! Add different drinks to different cups, or play with hard liquor and see which team can last the longest!






2. Flip Cup.

Two teams compete at a table lined on each side with upside down cups, and one upright cup full of whatever drink you have on hand — can be played with mixers, beer, or liquor. The goal is to finish the drink and move on to flicking the cups over, so they’re upright, as quickly as possible. Once one team member gets to the end, the next one can go. It’s one of those games that gets the party going, just like Pong.




3. Concoctions.

This one isn’t for everyone, but it’s a ridiculous amount of fun. So you have a dice, or a spinner from a board game, and when you spin/roll, the number you land on is the number of different drinks that need to be in a shot glass. But the catch is, the people you’re playing with have to make it for you. For example: you roll a three, so you can get a mix of tequila, beer, and Coca-Cola.




4. Never Have I Ever.

This is another one of those games that everyone has played at least once, and it might not even have been with alcohol. Everyone sits in a circle — or at least in the same area — and someone starts off with saying: “Never have I ever …” and they can fill in the blanks. If you HAVEN’T, then you don’t drink, but if you HAVE, then you take a generous gulp.






These are just a few of the many popular games that most everyone loves. Games get made up all the time, so party on, be loud, be silly, and be careful!