Earning and Enjoying Your Breaks

Earning and Enjoying Your Breaks

Hello again Blakestar Nation!

It’s your favorite LA blogger, back to share some personal anecdotes and remind you of the values behind your favorite energy drink that makes it something worth promoting.

I’m a firm believer in working hard and earning your breaks. Coming from a creative industry, I’m constantly looking for inspiration. And there’s few better means of kicking back while simultaneously fueling tomorrow’s projects than live music. The crowd, the energy, the feel of every thrum of guitar or percussion pop of drums; it’s an atmosphere, a vibe, a mental state, that gets me hyped to create something of my own.

I’m the kind of person who will jump at an opportunity to see their favorite artists, book tickets for a show months in advance, and then completely forget I had tickets until the week of. This happened recently, when I was pleasantly reminded I got to see one of my favorite artists: Jack White. (At the risk of being divisive, I’ll share I’m a big fan of rock and roll, in its many iterations.) Only problem was that it was on a weeknight.

After a full day in the office I’m rarely in the headspace or have the energy to appropriately rock-out to a musician like Jack White. I needed a drink to cut loose, to shed the weight of the day’s problems. So I splashed some spirits into my Blue Raspberry Blakestar energy drink to loosen up. There are few combinations in human history that go so well together as a cold Blakestar flavor of your choosing and vodka. Coke and rum? Blakestar has you beat! Less sugar, less calories, a cleaner drink with more flavor than the carbonated burn of soda. And more energy, so I could appreciate one of my favorite artists.

Next time you’re looking to enjoy your favorite artist and don’t want to fall asleep in the middle of their set, be sure to pop open a BlakeStar Energy Drink, and “Do what others can’t!”

Until next time,

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