Best Locations for Summer Parties

Best Locations for Summer Parties

Summer is approaching, which means it’s time to plan that perfect party.

You might be having backyard bonfires in Wisconsin, hitting the Florida beaches every weekend, or in New York looking for a rooftop bar with martinis. No matter what state you're in, the location is important for a great summer party.

Whether you’re attending someone else’s party or planning your own, you must keep in mind the location. Here are some of the best locations for summer parties: 



The beach is one of the best places for a summer party. A beach that allows bonfires and alcohol can make a party a bigger hit, but many beaches don't allow either.  Even so, all is not lost. Plenty of beachside vacation rentals, bars, restaurants, and hotels have spaces available for parties. Just pick a beach spot that suits your group and roll with it. Don’t forget the portable speaker to play a little Bob Marley and Jack Johnson.



If you’re looking to have a BBQ with some of your closest family and friends, your local park might just be perfect. Many community parks provide grills and pavilions, making them great for providing a yummy meal and ample seating. Set up a volleyball net and bring supplies for a water balloon fight as inexpensive ways to keep guests entertained. Parks offer plenty of open space for multiple activities!



Throwing a summer party can also be as simple as setting up some lawn chairs around a fire pit and flipping burgers on the grill. Drag out a cooler full of drinks, bring supplies to make s’mores, and you’re all set. Add some extra fun by setting up a beer pong table on the porch and your guests are sure to have a good time.


Cabin in the woods

Secluding yourselves somewhere in the woods allows you to make as much noise as you'd like without disturbing any neighbors. Set up some food and drinks in the cabin to avoid attracting uninvited furry guests and avoid harming the environment with food and drink packaging. Start a bonfire outside to keep your guests comfy and they'll love you for it.



A lake is another great place for a summer party, whether during the day or at night. Maybe a friend owns a lake house, maybe you want to rent one, or maybe you can find a public lake for your party. No matter how you choose one, a nice lake is perfect for swimming, drinking, and grilling out. If you have access to a boat, that's even better!


Block party 

If you want to keep it simple, just block off the street you live on, set up some tents, fire up the grill, and get ready to socialize with the neighbors. Provide some fun and games for the kids and some coolers for the adults, and it’ll be the perfect family event.


Whether you’re inviting 10 people or 50, all of these ideas are great locations for hosting a summer party. Try one, or try them all! Cheers to the best summer yet!