4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Everyone has issues with confidence at some point in their life; it’s human nature to doubt ourselves and compare what we are currently to the picture painted in their heads -- the “godly” version of themselves in which there is no fault, no flaw. The reality is, humans can’t obtain any form of perfection -- they are always learning, growing, and bettering themselves. So it only makes sense that confidence can be a struggle, right? Some people struggle with it more than others, and that’s okay; one struggle doesn’t mean the other isn’t as important. So, here are some tips that everyone can use to help boost their confidence.

#1. Practice positivity.

This can come in so many different forms that they can apply to just about any one person; it can be in a note left on a mirror or door with a happy quote or an uplifting message, it can be a mantra that is muttered over and over again in times of great anxiety, or it can be a list of things that are good and the person is thankful for. It has to fit the person practicing, so if they aren’t very observant, then maybe the notes aren’t a good choice. Whatever form fits, do it!

#2. Meditate.

It doesn't have to be the full-blown yoga meditation so dramatically played put on TV (but if that's your thing, then do it); it can be as simple as finding a quiet moment to mull over the day's events, or listening to a calming podcast. Meditation is simply just a form of “checking in” with oneself mentally.

#3. Treat yourself!

This one needs to be done in moderation, but loving oneself is super important for confidence. Maybe don't go buy an expensive phone or new item, because that will quickly lead to guilt and a few bad coping mechanisms, but definitely treat the body and soul like they are a deity; praise it with a favorite snack, a movie, a nap. Small praises will go much further than big ones. 

#4. Hobbies.

Thing is, everyone is good at something, and when they are good at something, their confidence builds up. Leave time in the day for things that make the heart happy, and, as time goes on, confidence levels will soar. Happiness and confidence are easily co-habitable; if you're happy, you're confident -- at least a little, and if you're confident, you're happy.

While this isn't guaranteed to help everyone in their unique quest for confidence, it can definitely aid a lot of people. Just remember that confidence and happiness are best friends; do what makes you happy, and you'll have the confidence you desired!